How much is your case worth?

Below is a list of settlements that have been reached throughout Illinois in the past few years by other firms. 


Settlement Amount: $425,000.00 – Gunshot victim suffered several fractures in his thoracic spine causing paraplegia.  He enters the hospital and then develops a Stage IV bedsore within 30 days of admittance.  Defense makes multiple arguments to limit the value of the settlement; the case is then settled within 6 months for $425,000.00.  Defense attempted to argue that the severity of the spinal injury made it impossible to move the plaintiff, and that the spinal injury prevented plaintiff from feeling the pain of the bedsore.

Settlement Amount: $250,000.00 Male with congestive heart failure, 74, enters the hospital with pneumonia, very high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and a variety of other ailments.  While admitted in the hospital he developed a severe bedsore.  Thirty days after discharge from the hospital, he passed away at another facility.  Defense counsel argued that the bedsore was not the cause of death, and that regardless plaintiff had a life expectancy of less than one year. 

Settlement Amount: $9.8 Million Female, 28, died while giving birth in the delivery room of a local hospital.  Doctors and staff failed to recognize symptoms that plaintiff had internal bleeding, which resulted in large blood loss and death.  The resulting settlement was one of the largest medical-malpractice cases in Illinois in history.


Settlement Amount: $1.6 Million A baby is delivered stillborn.  The medical staff failed to recognize the placenta was ruptured and did not attempt to deliver the child in time.  The resulting settlement was the second highest settlement in Illinois history.  The case was settled within 90 days of the death of the child.

Settlement Amount: $960,000.00 Elderly man is killed while crossing a street while talking on his cell phone.  A tractor trailer struck him and dragged him through the street.  The semi-truck driver stated he never saw the deceased.  The settlement was slightly under the total amount of insurance coverage.

Settlement Amount: $900,000.00 Plaintiff drives her car into a semi-truck trailer that is straddled across both lanes of the highway.  Plaintiff states the trailer was parked on the side when it jackknifed and banked across her lane which prevented her from stopping properly.  The driver of the semi disagreed and said the plaintiff had at least 30 seconds to stop her vehicle.  Plaintiff sustained a head injury and a broken foot.

Settlement Amount: $650,000.00 Plaintiff, 58, was inflicted with a severe bedsore after a hospital stay that was longer than expected.  Plaintiff then died from a completely different cause six months after she was released from the hospital.

This list consists of recent settlements/cases in Illinois, and are for informational purposes only. There is no guarantee that similar facts and injuries will yield the same results as stated above. Every situation must be assessed within its own context.