According to recent studies up to 2 million Americans have been injured or mistreated by someone on whom they depended for care or protection.  Further has been estimated that as little as 10% of all abuses actually are reported.  These are fairly common occurrences and our attorneys take pride in vindicating these serious violations.  If you or a relative has been abused or neglected by in a nursing home in Chicago, you should speak with one of our attorneys. 

Abuse can take many forms but some typical cases involve:

•  Medication Errors

•  Choking

•  Malnutrition

•  Unnecessary Restraint

•  Sepsis

•  Falls and Fractures and Other Serious Injuries

•  Financial Coercion

•  Clogged Breathing Tubes

•  Emotional Abuse – Causing Depression or Anxiety

•  Bedsores

•  Neglect

•  Improper Administration of Diet or Other Staff Errors

•  Sexual Harassment or Assault

•  Death

If you or a loved one has been exposed to any of the above, you are entitled to collect monetary compensation for your suffering. 

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With the help of an experienced Chicago Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence Attorney you can recover substantially.