Chicago Dog Bite Attorney

A survey conducted by the Center for Disease Control  (CDC) found every year 4.7 million Americans are victimized by a dog attack, resulting in nearly 16 deaths.  800,000 dog bite victims will  require emergency medical attention; they may be left permanently  disfigured, requiring costly reconstructive surgeries and long term medical care.  Unfortunately children are the most frequent victims of this tragic accident, and will carry the physical and emotional scars of a dog attack for the rest of their lives. Although certain breeds are more commonly associated with dog attacks, all dogs are capable of inflicting serious harm. In the state of Illinois you have the right to seek compensation from:        

•  An individual whose negligence caused the attack

•  An individual who knowingly kept a dog with a history of attacks

•  An individual who places their dog in violation of local leash laws

In the state of Illinois there is no “one bite law”; regardless of the past history of the dog if it bites you the owner is legally liable.  If you are a victim of a dog bite your medical bills may be getting out of hand; the dogs owner, or their insurance provider, can be held responsible for your medical bills & lost wages.  If you or a loved one is a victim of a dog bite please contact a Chicago dog bite attorney immediately.

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