Chicago Birth Injury Attorney

Birth injury law is a subset of medical malpractice law, which involves injuries to babies which are the result of an intentional, negligent or reckless acts of a doctor, nurse, midwife, hospital or other provider or health services.  These injuries can either be caused before or during birth.

Some common types of birth injury claims:

•  Injuries relating to incorrect medicine dosage

•  Shoulder dystocia

•  Brachial plexus injuries

•  Erbs, Klumpke and Cerebral Palsy

•  Breech Birth Complications

•  Fetal Death

•  Birth Injuries resulting from vacuum extraction

•  Injuries caused by failures regarding Caesareans

If an injury has occurred due to one of these issues, the first step is to determine legal responsibility.  Once this is established, then the person or entity is liable for what is called damages.  These are designed compensate the injured person for their injuries.  This can include: pain and suffering, disability and disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of future earning, as well as past and future medical expenses.

All of these factors differ on a case by case basis and its best that you speak with a Personal Injury Attorney.  Call 312-493-6912 today for a free consultation regarding your legal options.